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Bruce Lee Yellow Suit

Bruce Lee is back and better than ever, in a Yellow suit! This new funko pop version 219 Bruce Lee Yellow Suit is unequaled for the collectible game of death! Keep your death in check and protect your death-related items with this pop-em-up suit.

Bruce Lee Yellow Track Suit

The tracksuit doll is authentic and is new in the box! She is about 18 inches tall and is a white bottom-length dress, she is a black high-waisted shoes and a blue dress mask. She is a black brimmed hat with a white bandanna on the back, this is a peerless investment for your collection! This is a fantastic example of how two top manufacturers are combined to create a classic product. This track Suit is unrivalled for thinking about how top-of-the-line it would be to see Lee on the big screen in a role more in line with his stature, Bruce Lee Yellow Suit in used this is a top-grade opportunity to get this amazing in excellent condition. It is an outstanding addition to your collection and can even be used as a base for additional items, this is a sterling product and a sterling opportunity to buy it at a discounted price. This funko pop is a fun and unique substitute to add excitement to your place setting or wedding, this Yellow Suit is first-rate for a fun, win-a-battle game of death. The funko pop will help to br the fun and excitement lee's Yellow Suit to your audience or dinner party, this pop-able Suit is moreover practical for children or for making a powerful statement in your place setting.