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Samus Suit

Samus is the best and most naughty Suit of that you will ever own, with this armor, you're guaranteed to ight on the baby.

Samus Aran Phazon Suit

This is the Samus aran suit, it's a little bit koo-dig for my taste, but she still wear it toting a little bit of a dress. This Suit also comes with a set of oppai crotch and a little bit of a reward for playing, this Samus aran cosplay varia Suit is a terrific surrogate to add some extra personality to your gaming party. It's a little big for me, but i'm sure it will be fun for you too! This is a peerless Samus Suit that is it is fabricated of sturdy fabric and you can change the clothes as you please, this is a valuable purchase for any Samus fan! Our newest smash bros. Suit is a type which provides maximum warmth and movement on your next party game.